Thursday, March 09, 2006


One of the many google-based fun-applications out there (I'm sure everyone is familiar with the googlefight...) is Googlism. It takes a name or a noun, googles it and presents results in "X is __" -format. Pretty funny.

According to Googlism, TH is:

  • our finnish hero
  • iceland's most popular dj (this would be so cool...)
  • a licensed minister with new life church in colorado springs
  • speaking norwegian into big white plastic bag after wild night of drinking vodka and beer and whatever was available (as I do...)
  • de sympathieke naam van een heel vernuftig toestelletje
  • quite enourmous
  • small and he's definitely beatable
  • a medium size compact black and gold male
  • still heavier than her normal size but she looks fine
  • all woman
  • married with nanna and has 2 children (oops...)
  • a cat with great balance problems
  • emerging as one of the most original talents to come out (come out where, a closet? :-) )
  • a leader in machine learning and will be a welcome addition to our faculty (wehea, a job!)
  • unamused
  • there
  • right

I try to resist doing all my friends and family, as there is quite a lot to do today at work... This thing is as old as time itself (dated 2003), but I only tumbled upon it today. When googling something, its googlism page came up in the top 10... A bit inbred, I'd say. :-)

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