Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Creative Commons

Piracy, plagiarism and copyright always seem to come up in the discussions about the internet. Most typically it's the huge music industry conglomerates who claim that the new technology like internet & p2p/mp3/CD/audio cassette/8-track recorder/phonogram/copy machine/print/wheel/fire will bankcrupt them and steal their last pennies. In actuality, music industry has profited from each new step of technology. In addition to creating new methods for sharing music outside the control of the companies, the new technologies have created new ways for the companies to distribute their products, access to new customers, and new money-making opportunities for the use of their music.

I don't approve piracy, but I also think that the "all rights reserved" -attitude is not only inconvenient but also detrimental for creativity. If you try to close your work behind the walls of total copyright, you end up giving people only two options: to steal it or to ignore it. Creative commons licensing exists to give more options. You can choose yourself which rights you want to keep and how your work can be used by others. While I think that texts in this blog do not need to be protected (from the average of 7 daily readers) by license, I went ahead and did it anyway - just to see how simple it is and to join the bandwagon of creative commoners.

So, what the license says:

  • attribution: you can use, alter, quote, re-mix, etc. any text you find on this blog, as long as you mention the source.
  • non-commercial: my permission would be needed for any commercial use of the material on this site. I chose this for the sole reason that if anyone would be creative enough to find any commercial use for this chitchat, I'd surely want to hear about it! I can already promise to give my permission...
  • ShareAlike: this means that if you use these texts I would like the results to be shared to the world with a similar license as this one.

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