Saturday, July 08, 2006


Ah, so nice to write about progress... Just finished a data analysis project, sent the processed data to the main researcher and even though the actual statistical analysis is still ahead, he will be doing most of that. It was a long night but now it's done!

Another phew is that the Cambridge Open Days are now over. I did a shift at the faculty stand in the fair, trying to answer the questions prospective undergraduates (or mainly their parents) had about the course, life in Cambridge etc. It was a bit difficult to relate to their situation, because it's been so long since I was there, trying to decide what degree course to aim for. I had no clue what my course would lead into, and nobody could have foretold my path from there to here. I tried to be neutral and answer the questions by giving as much information as possible, even though I felt like telling the kids that they should just follow their heart, start doing what sounds good and change if it sucks. And for the parents that they shouldn't worry about their kids' future employment so much. All in due course, they need to grow up first. And figure out what it is they want. Might take a while, I still don't know.

By far the most common question was "which college is the best". This, obviously, is impossible to answer: they are all different, all good in their own ways, all bad in some others. One of our faculty members gave good advice: walk around and choose the one whose buildings you fall in love with.

(Pic: Marc Hairston UTD)

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