Monday, January 29, 2007

Deadline - facing the music

Long time, no post. I have a draft of a post that I've been editing a couple of times, but it doesn't work. It has to do with some observations about "the British", as if such collective identity existed. But I can't get it to work, possibly because it still sounds too serious, and when such a text sounds too serious, it starts to sound prejudiced and ignorant, and just stupid.

I think therefore, the only form in which some of the things I wanted to talk about (bi-polar attitudes on celebrity and money; the weird ethos where extreme political correctedness meets ingrained racism; and in general the view of the world that revolves around the zero-longitude in Greenwich), is comedy. Perhaps that's why there is so much good comedy in Britain, there are inhibitions and unspoken and spoken rules that lead to absurdities, and the second best way to deal with such things and the problems that arise is of course to laugh at them. The best way usually would be to fix them, but they wouldn't be proper rules if they were made to be fiddled about.

Anyway... I have a final final final deadline, and that is the 30th April. If the book isn't done by then, something terrible will happen. I don't yet know what, but thinking about it makes me always visualise huge explosions and devastation on a global scale and very dramatic music. Sort of a Terminator meets Dr Strangelove and Megadeth writes the soundtrack.

So, better get typing. The Book, not the unfinished entry. It will appear sometime, or not. The entry.

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