Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mac coolness

Yesterday, I forgot the power unit of my laptop at home. It was still in the suitcase where I'd packed it for the trip. So, I was forced to use the new MacBook we have here in the lab. It's for portable experiments, but as nobody is running them right now, it just lies on the table, being adored and admired by everyone. She is soooo cute... :-)

I do like Macs. They have this air of quality, they are the thoroughbreds of computers. I'm not a Microsoft-hater, on the contrary, so I don't have ideological reasons to prefer macs. My current computer is a PC, but as I've advertised earlier, the next one will (hopefully) be a Mac. I am not at all ashamed to admit, that I like macs because of their design. Not just the case, the user interface, the OS, the programs. I know that what's beneath the skin is what counts, but I still think the magnetic power cord plug is one of the coolest features of the new MacBooks.

So, today, when I came to work I took my power unit. But, alas, it still has the Euro-plug instead of the three-prong UK one. So, here I am, writing with the MacBaby, and enjoying every minute of it. There are adaptors and extra UK-cables at the lab, and I'll need to switch to my old trusty warhorse of a PC, but before that I couldn't resist playing around with the Mac's Photobooth -program. These little things are just too much fun...

This is me as a rugby-player.

This is my "rabbit in the headlights" -imitation.

And this is someone very tired.

Hmm, I really AM tired, perhaps I should just go back to the boring PC-world and get the work planned for today done.

(Pic: (just the first shot, obviously))

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