Friday, April 20, 2007

Eurostar "Treads lightly"

Just got this message from Eurostar:

"As a Eurostar traveller, we wanted you to be the first to know about some significant changes we’re making across our business.

You may already be aware that a Eurostar journey is 10 times less polluting than flying. But we believe that everyone can do more. So, from 14 November 2007, the day we open at St Pancras International, we are changing the way we operate as a business.

We have now launched Tread Lightly, an initiative designed to further reduce our impact on the environment (what scientists call our footprint) and to help all our travellers do the same.

As part of this initiative, we have made a commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a further 25% per traveller journey by 2012. Consequently we will be making changes across all areas of our business in order to reduce our impact on the environment, from the big things like energy efficiency, paperless ticketing and waste management to smaller cultural changes like recycling in our offices.

Any remaining emissions will be offset, at no cost to our travellers, meaning that from November 14th 2007, Eurostar is proud to offer carbon neutral journeys.

We’ll keep you informed of our progress. Or, should you wish to, you can always visit to find out more.

We’re on a journey. A very important one. And, as ever, we’re delighted to have you with us.

Kind regards,

Richard Brown
Chief Executive Officer

Sounds great! For anyone in Cambridge the news about Eurostar moving to St Pancras are good, as Cambridge trains terminate in King's Cross next door. The most inconvenient part of my Eurostar experience going to Amsterdam was the bit with the Tube from King's Cross to Waterloo. This will now be eliminated (as of November), and Cambridge - Paris will be a train trip with just one change, and take only about 4 hours. And it is carbon neutral.


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