Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Finally... Here it is, my new computer. Well, to my (very slight) disappointment it isn't a brand new MacBook Pro, but rather a PowerBook G4, which is the previous top-end model. It has a nice 17'' widescreen display and it is so smooth and nice to use.

And it looks amazing. I like the feel of OS X and I like the smooth feel of keyboard, the sleek metallic finish (although the previous user has left some fingerprints all over it, I need to clean this thing...).

This comes at the last moment. I've had a bad ____ day today, and you can pretty much fill the blank with anything. Hair is probably bad, as they were taking pictures today for the faculty website and to be posted next to the doors. For sure I had massive bags under my eyes, as I slept abysmally last night for no particular reason. Also, I've had a bad teaching day. Man, I should be fired for incompetence...

I was trying to cram together massive amounts of stuff into a lecture, and trying to make it understandable and at least somewhat interesting. And this is when I started having a bad IT day. My computer started crashing, and I had to restart it several times anyway because my mouse had stalled. This got me into a panic in preparation, as things that were seemingly simple started requiring massive amounts of time, and of course I lost all flow and therefore lost track of the narrative. Finally, about 1/3 in to the two-hour lecture, the projector failed. Totally and completely. And I had all these pictures, graphs, schematic drawings and everything that I had counted on as aids to get my message through, and now I couldn't use any of them. I had two videos lined up, one online-demo, and no picture. Disaster, simply a massive disaster. I had already been incoherent enough, and was hoping to make sense of what I had said in the beginning by showing the demo and the videos...

If I ever needed something turn the day around, today's the day. And if anything can do it, it is this beauty... I just love the way this works WITH me. I've used it for an hour now and we've already bonded. I think I should start referring to it as her, and probably would need to come up with a name as well. Or is that just too sad? Actually, I don't care, think whatever you like, I have a friend who likes me.

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