Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New year resolution and testing mobile blogging

Happy new year!

New year always brings with it new resolutions and new things. I made
a resolution, as well. I've decided to "write and run" every day, at
least a little bit. This probably means more blogging activity,
although most of the writing effort will be channelled to academic
writing and basically finishing the damn book.

The other new thing is related to this writing resolution. I'm writing
this note on the Nokia 9300i communicator I got from work as one of
the professors upgraded to iPhone. This is my first "smartphone" and
so I've got a lot of catching up to do in terms of finding out what
can be done with these things.
I've now managed to configure this to work in the WLAN at home and at
the office and got the Bluetooth link to work between this and my
laptop. I've found some cool applications, such as gmail, and am now
trying to post by email to my blog.

I'll be reporting how my new mobile life is working out, and whether
this will become a productivity tool. So far it has been a time-eater
and a toy for procrastination. :) But it has only been a day...

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