Saturday, January 09, 2010

Life is funny

I knew audacity first as the name of the best freeware audio editing software. Then came Obama and his book The Audacity of Hope. The term has now got faces, as I see friends and colleagues make bold choices and change their lives for the better. They are following their dreams, making them come true.

If I had to point out one characteristic that I respect, it would be trustworthiness. But audacity comes as a close second, because standing up for the things you think are worth it, going against the flow of conformity and being true to your beliefs is rare and admirable.

New year is the time for resolutions. There are many I could make, regarding work or personal development. The only one worth making, however, is the one where I resolve to be who I really am and become more like myself. I think it is audacious, I've seen other people do it and really flourish, and I recommend it to everyone who feels like the life they live isn't the one they wanted it to be.

(we are blessed and rich to have a choice, but I think for that reason we also have a responsibility to make the best possible ones)

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