Friday, June 22, 2007


Yay, the longest day of the year. And a festival of light in Finland.

I was reading some of my recent posts again and noticed that they don't really flow that well. I suppose when thoughts are foggy the writing gets fuzzy. I must say that in that sense the blog at the moment reflects the t***** pretty well - it's an uphill struggle (or as my colleague put it, it's like pushing a blob of jelly up the hill) and while the work is going rather well I have often caught myself writing horribly complicated and entangled text. I suppose this entry is no exception...

I'm hoping that with some simmering on the stove and peeling off the foam there will in the end be a clear and concentrated stock. Squeezing out these initial drafts and playing around with alternative ways of organising the sections is what's causing the overload, and writing even a single understandable sentence is sometimes so difficult it makes me laugh. And just to reflect what has been happening in my t***** lately, I'll throw in yet another banal analogy and say that with some pruning I'm hoping that the (tree) structure will become clearer, to me and to the (two) readers.

Anyway, happy Midsummer!

(Pic., I wish I was there...)

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