Friday, June 29, 2007

Weird dreams

Last night I dreamed that I passed my viva.

I so wish I can take it as a sign... but seriously, it was very weird. I was "somewhere" when I met my old professor of English, and she said that her colleague is here now as well, and so we could do my viva, if I wanted (you need two examiners). I tried to tell her that I actually haven't even written the thesis yet, and so it might not be possible. She then showed me a wad of yellow booklets, not too thick. There they were, a bunch of my theses. I didn't realise it, but it seemed that someone had put together what I already have, printed some, and there it was.

Before they started their questions, one of them said:"I think before we begin, so that you wouldn't be too nervous, we probably should say that you have passed. So let's just talk about the research and the revisions you'd need to make." I was so relieved, I cried. In my sleep, of course. And by that time I had forgotten that I actually hadn't written the thesis yet...

After that, I was a t a service station, washing a car. I had a bucket, and when I was done washing, all I needed to do was to return the bucket inside to the shop and then I could go. But to get to the shop, I needed to go through an old primary school classroom (that had appeared much earlier in the dream), but as I was walking through the desks in the dark, towards the door to the shop, long arms from all over the room grabbed me and I couldn't go through. I was trying to break free and push towards the door but I couldn't move. Then I woke up.

Well, now I'm awake and to my disappointment my thesis hasn't been written yet. So better get going with it, and perhaps eat a bit more lightly today before going to bed. :-)

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