Monday, August 06, 2007


In the ideal world of an IT admin, all systems are hermetically sealed and nobody has access to nothing. This we found out when the resident geek of the college had decided to shut down the boat club website by removing ALL privileges (including browsing the site) from EVERYONE. When our new captain asked if he knew why the website was no longer running, he just said he had disabled all access to it. Without explaining why, he decided to re-enable the necessary access.

Yesterday I came back to the UK for a conference, and to pick up the rest of my articles and materials from the faculty. As I needed to do some work for the conference which starts today, I decided to cycle down in the evening. I wasn't too happy that after only 5 days of absence, I no longer had access to the faculty, as our IT dude had shown initiative and removed the access all areas 24/7 -status and I now couldn't get past the front door.

So, I got up at 7 to work this morning instead. And the desk I had previously occupied, and then emptied so that someone could work there, is now taken over by IT-junk. It now houses yet another of his setting-up projects that usually take weeks if not months. I no longer care, the only thing that matters is that he reinstates my access as I will need to get in and out next weekend.

There's much to write about Finland, the new job and the new flat, but I'll do that later, as I now am in a hurry to finish my stuff thanks to yesterday's waste of time.

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