Sunday, August 19, 2007

Haven of peace

The park outside my flat is a haven of peace, the antithesis of belligerence and the centerpoint of friendship.

The day before yesterday there was the metal concert marking the declaration of peace in schools.

Yesterday there was a christian rock concert, which I suppose had a fairly peaceful message, as well.

Today there was a six (6) hour long concert called Pearls of Peace, organised by the local anti-war organisation.

My ears are still ringing from all this peace in just one weekend.

Well, even though most of the performers don't exactly need to continuously check their voicemail for missed calls from recording company executives, there were some good bands among them. And as I said, it's great that local bands get chances to perform and that there's live music in the city. But if that dude from the PA company wakes me up with Toto tomorrow (they had soundchecks at 9 am both Thursday and today), I am not sure how peaceful I will be.

(Pic: Peace and Quiet Rock Band)

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