Friday, January 13, 2006

Laws of Planet Procrastination

By the ruler of the Planet P, TH to it's only, but loyal subject, TH...

Don't take it too seriously. You don't need any new obsessions or addictions right now, just keep it casual and update the blog when you have free time or need / deserve a break.

In fact, don't take it seriously at all. No need to check the email every minute or hit F5 to see if someone has commented.

It's anonymous. OK, you don't need to hire Matlock to find out who TH is in real life, but somehow writing in a more general tone and without a face should emphasise the therapeutic function of the blog.

It's anonymous. So don't analyse the visitor stats of the site too deeply, even though StatCounter provides all sorts of information.It's just to see if anyone reads this...

The PhD thesis must progress faster than the blog. If there's more text and chapters in this blog than in the thesis, there will be punishment. No tonight, mister!

No looking back, no censorship. Typos and obscure sentence structures may be edited but the tone of entries not.

Don't start other blogs. Sure, there's a lot to say about things, but if they can't be said here, then unfortunately the only option is to graduate first, then run for a political office, and then say those things.

Write in English, mostly (see 10§). I'm thinking and working in English, so I'm also writing this one in English. A blog in Finnish would be nice, but unfortunately I just wrote §7.

Keep it clean. This means no swearing or foul language. Mum or dad might be reading this.

10§ If you really need to swear, swear in Finnish. This is completely illogical, since my parents know Finnish... But, in Finnish, you get the same "effect" with "nicer" swearwords. Thus, it's better to drop the English four letter word for a Finnish seven letter word.

11§ No more rules, this is getting too serious. See §1-2.

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mitluana said...

Ref §4:
It doesn't matter if anyone reads this or not. You are writing to yourself (primarily), not to entertain your probable, yet unknown (up to a point) audience.


Yeah, I try to remember this immortal piece of advice as well.