Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tabula rasa

That picture is my PhD so far. Well, of course there's more, but that is where the writing-up process starts. I got this flipchart yesterday. I was looking for a proper flipchart on a tripod, but Staples only had them in two sizes, 'massive' and 'huge', and since my room doesn't get along well with things of either description, I decided to go for a lighter model. These are essentially A2-sized post-it notes, with the sticky strip on one edge, so when you tear it out of the pad, you can easilly stick it up on the wall .

I need to visualise things. My PhD has theoretical luggage from many different fields of research, and binding them together to a coherent package is going to be a challenge. At the moment, I mostly have these "clouds" in my head, shapeless blobs of ideas that "I must discuss in the thesis". I need to link them together to a readable story. When I was drafting my research proposal in the first year, I had a similar feeling, where everything just about started to make sense, and everything seemed connected, if only I could know how... So I decided to do a mindmap. After having mapped about 1/3 of the things I had first listed, everything was clear enough for me to start writing. I'm hoping this would happen again. Of course, now my problem is a bit different; I understand the connections, but actually need to focus only on some of them to have a good structure rather than bouncing from a topic to another.

Today I will go and buy felt tip pens that I can use with the chart. Ahh, I'm making so much progress so fast... :-)

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mitluana said...

Ihan käsittämätöntä!
Mulla on aina ollut teoreettinen haave, että olisi joku työhuone, jossa voisi liimailla lappuja ja huomioita seinille ja sitten niitä yhdistelemällä ja piirtelemällä saada mielettömiä oivalluksia ja todella uppoutua johonkin tutkimukseen. Joskus ulkomailla kokeilin opetella sanoja liimailtavien post-ittien avulla, siis oviin, seiniin, huonekaluihin, astioihin... se ei ollut kovin käytännöllistä.

Mutta tuo fläppitauluviritys on suorastaan kateutta herättävä, noin tyhjänäkin! :-D

nimim. sama pää, samat metodit :)