Saturday, January 28, 2006

Movie trailers

Ever been disappointed in the comedy you decided to see because its trailer was funny? It seems to be more of a rule than the exception with b-class comedies that all good jokes in them get picked to the trailer, while the actual film is dead boring. Of course, we expect "more of the same" rather than "that's it, really" when it comes to content.

So, people make viewing decisions based on trailers. Therefore you need to convince them that your film is great. Nothing's more convincing than a deep, low voice. Welcome Pablo Francisco. One man, one destiny...

A great twist to the trailer-scene (trailerpark?) are the remakes of trailers that have been cropping up lately. My favourites in the categories of romantic comedy and horror are Shining and Sleepless in Seattle, respectively. No, wait...

Sometimes it would be better just to squeeze the whole film to the usual 30 second duration of the trailer. This is exactly what the Bunnies' Theatre Troupe has done. This is one of my very favourite sites in the whole wide web.

Of course, sometimes films should end differently, not just earlier. These guys are putting forward some proposals. I tend to agree with the LOTR-case, even though I generally think that people who go to see fantasy films with their logicality-hats on, should stay home and watch Newsnight.

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