Friday, January 13, 2006

Sleeping in - again

It's 10.30 already. And I just woke up a while ago. I was planning to get up at 8.30, but as so often before, I comfortably slept through my alarm system.

I have an alarm radio, which is supposed to wake me up with Q103 Big Russ and Helen Morning Show, and even though I have the volume turned up high, I've learned to reach for the remote and turn it down without needing to wake up to do it. My genious plan is that the alarm in my mobile phone goes on 5-10 minutes after the radio, when I've had enough time to wake up and would then get up and start my day. That's the theory, anyway.

Should wreck the theory, it clearly is no good. I've gathered loads of evidence that contradicts it. On most mornings I unconsciously turn off these alarms and only wake up when I hear the cleaning lady in the corridor. When I hear her approaching, I jump up like a flash and dress up in a second so that I'd be "decent" when she knocks on my door. She empties the bins in our rooms every morning, and depending on which dormitory corridor she starts from, this alarm goes on between 9 and 11. Today it was just before 10. Thanks Marcie.

Not that I was ever the one to get up in the morning. I would drive my parents nuts by being on the edge of being late for school every morning by trying to get yet one more minute of sleep. For some reason, I didn't mind having to run or cycle like mad to school, as long as I could linger in bed for that all-important minute... So, I was doing things on last minute already when I was a kid. Didn't know then, what a career in procrastination that started. :-)

Perhaps I should get myself one of these? Or start hiding the remote control of the radio.


mitluana said...

My, my, wakey wakey, rise and shine -
twins functioning again simultaneously :-D [vrt. kommentit mun blogissa]

Pretty please: put yourself on, I can order your blog and add it to my favourites.

TH said...

Good morning, sunshine! Planet Procrastination has now been added to the, a list of Finnish blogs. If I didn't mess it up, you should be able to add my blog to your favourites just by clicking the link in the sidebar. Provided you have registered to

mitluana said...

Thanks, everything is in order!